Vliegen, liggen, in gedachten

VLIG is a composition made for a kite.

Flying a kite is both an eventful and meditative activity at the same time. The wind is unpredictable and can direct the kite in sudden directions and cause the kite to crash land. At other times the wind provides a steady flow, for the kite to stay endless in the air, only shifting sideways slightly, minute pressure changes on the cloth.

VLIG is an installation for one person at a time, to lie down and look at the kite, while hearing the sound of its line, transformed by the movement of the kite in the air and the flow of the wind around the kite.

Mounted on the kite are sensors to measure the flow of the wind, the pressure on the cloth, the turbulence of the tail, and the acceleration of the movement. The data is transmitted wireless to a computer – powered by solar panels – on the ground.

This installation was made as part of the MusicAerial by Frouke Wiarda