artist and researcher/developer based in Amsterdam - working with sound, light and interaction


    • Livecoding with one hand
      14 January 2019 | livecode, body, instrument
      I’m typing this post with the Twiddler (well, I started at least). I’ve been practising now for some months and developing the interface for ‘Etudes pour le livecoding a une main’, basically since the notification came in that the performance got accepted for the ICLC.
    • Creating Algorithmic Sentience
      7 June 2018 | touch, movement, game, larp
      In the second part of my “Sentient Machines” residency at Baltan Laboratories, I focused on prototyping the game interactions for the multiparticipant environment. During the residency I worked with Tim Bosje and Marion Traenkle. We did a playtest on June 6 with 7 participants. As we had to put out the call for the playtest long before we created the larp/game, I gave the name Algorithmic Sentience to the larp in reference to the name of the residency program at Baltan: Sentient Machines, and highlighting the focus for the game: exploring both how algorithms change our ‘sentience’ as well as posing the question whether there is a ‘sentience’ of the algorithms. In this report, I reflect on the design process, the playtest and the feedback, and what we want to change before the next playtest.
    • More images from Baltan
      30 April 2018 | touch, vision, biometric, vibration, light
      Some more pictures from the residency at Baltan Laboratories of the work in progress.

      The workdesk at Baltan (photos by Tineke van Hilten)

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