Ferlerne Skaden / Verloren schaduwen

‘Der is gjin ljocht sa skel of der is skaad by’ / ‘There is no light so bright or there is a shadow’ / ‘Er is geen licht zo fel of er is een schaduw’

An invitation to dance with your shadow…
A shadow always follows you, what if you follow your shadow?
Your body casts a shadow, but what shape does it take?
Every light causes a shadow, but what if a shadow alters the light?
And if we loose our shadow, do we loose ourselves?

This project is currently in development

Lost Shadows is a multi-player game with light and shadows. A participant enters the space and is introduced to a set of simple rules for interaction with her own shadow and the shadows of others. Within the space the lights are shifting and with that the shadows.

The game makes the participant aware of her own shadow - a trace in the environment of which one normally isn’t so aware. While playing you loose sense of yourself, as you are drawn into the strange shapes a shadow can take.

The setup of Lost Shadows consists of a number of DMX-controllable lights, which are aimed at the playing area. On the floor of the playing area, there is a grid of light sensors. An adaptive algorithm drives the lights based on the input from the light sensors, creating a shifting pattern of lights and shadows in the playing area. A sound scape also driven by the input from the light sensors accompanies the experience. Participants are given a small card with the rules of the game as they enter the playing field; afterwards the participants can send the card back with their impressions of the game.