A cocoon lies on stage, barely recognisable in the dim light. An almost static chord is sounding in the space. The light changes in color – the chord is changing slowly in pitch and texture. The cocoon seems to move – the light seems to get brighter and gradually shift color. Suddenly a fast movement – a sound erupts into the space, the light flashes – then again everything quiets down – the movement, the sound, the light.

Chrysalis is a performative environment where the focus is on slow movements – becoming aware of the minimal movements of the body, both conscious and unconscious movements. It is about interaction on a long timescale – involving multiple senses (hearing, sight, haptic).

In the first phase the project is developed as a performance in which the maker herself is the performer of these small movements.

In the second phase of the project, the environment will be expanded to a costume or object, that the visitor can wear or enter to have the experience herself.

Chrysalis - a teaser from Marije Baalman on Vimeo.

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