On the train back, I tried to make a schematic overview of the mapping of the sensors to the sound and light.

Mon, 22 August, 2016

Last tuning (day 5 and 6 at APO33)

The last two days I spent the time in the studio to tune the performance better - reviewing the ranges of input and output parameters, tuning the sound levels.

The most visible addition in this process is to add a strobe mode to the lights, if the sound reaction on the bouncy ball movement exceeds a certain intensity threshold, to emphasize the instability that has been reached.

Addition in the update function of the bouncy sound

if ( ampSum > 1.0 ){

And a task to reset the strobing mode

Tdef( \resetStrobe, {
        1.0.wait;{ |it| it.strobe_(0) };
Sat, 20 August, 2016
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