Kiting at Artefact - the second weekend

The second weekend at Artefact starts off with a sunny Friday, great weather for kiting on the roof. I am joined by Frouke Wiarda - who can take over the kite for a while, so I can listen at the Queen's Balcony lying on the pillowphones. And make recordings for documentation. This day, we use the longest wire that we have, and have the kite go up high - to hopefully more stable wind streams. Towards 5pm there is a sudden lack of wind, and the kite goes down - too fast for us to keep it up in the air and it lands in a tree in a neighbouring garden. Thanks to Frouke we are able to get it back.

The Saturday the weather is rainy and cold, and the wind is unpredictable - both in direction and strength. I cannot get the kite in the air for long.

On Saturday night I join the Music Hacklab'ers and prepare my smallest kite - the kite I flew when I was young, which is particularly good for strong winds.

On Sunday, the weather is still rainy and cold, but the wind is slightly more predictable in its direction. I can get the small kite up for some time, although I still have to fight with it.

Summary of the weekend: 3 broken kite sticks, and a reputation of the most persistent artist of the festival - prevailing against the cold and wet weather.

Sun, 21 February, 2016